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How to Build a Good Article Marketing Campaign


Clare SwindlehurstIf you want to be a successful internet marketer then you need to build your credibility with your chosen niche and drive targeted traffic to your website. The cheapest and easiest way to achieve both of these things is with article marketing. But you can’t just write one article and expect to receive a flood of visitors, you need to build a whole campaign. Here are four steps you should take to build a good article marketing campaign.Step one: Research your marketThe first step in creating a successful campaign is to find topics to write articles about, and this means that you need to research your market.Visit your search engine of choice and type forum + your niche into the search box. You might be looking for articles on weddings, or fishing or even adoption, just swap the words ‘your niche’ for the name of your niche.You should be presented with a long list of forums where people in your target niche are talking about their experiences and their problems. Spend some time exploring the forums you find and see what topics people are discussing. What problems do they have? What advice and guidance are they looking for?Grab a pen and a piece of paper and write down as many questions and topics as you can; these will make the basic foundation of your articles.Step two: Article writing and submissionNow you know what topics your audience are interested in you can start writing your articles. Scan the list for a problem that you know the solution to and write about it. Add as much value as you can for the reader by being clear about what they need to do to solve their problems and add some examples where you can.At the end of each and every article you need to include a bio or resource box that tells the reader a little bit about you, but more importantly what else you can do to help them. You should also include at least one link to your website, you are trying to drive traffic there after all.Once you have the words down on paper spend some time editing the article to make sure that it sounds professional and that you don’t have any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors.You can now go ahead and submit your article to an article directory; Article directories are a great place to start.Now you can write another nine articles answering more of the questions you discovered in the forums and submit these too. Try and use at least three different bio box variations.Step three: Analyse resultsAfter a week to ten days your articles should have had enough views for you to start analysing your results. Login to your author dashboard and find the click through rate information for your articles. Are there some articles with a greater click through rate than the others? This could be because the bio box was more effective at encouraging visitors to visit your website, or it might be that the content of the article was more compelling.Also take a look at the number of views each article has, a higher number of views might indicate that the title was more appealing.Step four: Rinse and repeatIt’s now time to write another batch of articles. Hopefully you still have some unanswered questions on your list, but if not go back to the forums and find some more.Use the information you gleaned from step three to tweak your bio box and to create more powerful and engaging titles. As you publish more and more articles you will start to learn what style of article, title and bio box works best for your audience.Set aside some time each and every week to write another batch of articles and review your results. You might even want to become a member of the forums you found and point people to your articles to help them solve their problems.A consistent article marketing campaign can help you to drive targeted visitors to your website and increase your income. Taking time to research your market will help you find topics that appeal to your audience and a well-written knowledgeable article will increase your credibility. Analysing your results will help you perfect your article writing strategy and submitting articles regularly will keep that traffic flowing.

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