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Some Of The Main Reasons Your Really Need To Wear A Bike Helmet When Bicycling


Gregg Hall

If you are going on a ride anytime soon you will need to remember one thing, to wear your bike helmet just to be safe and not get a ticket. Even if you are not riding on the street you should wear a helmet. If you are riding on streets you should always where a helmet, you will lose an in accident and be hurt if you are not wearing a helmet.

As you probably already know there are all kinds of add on bike accessories that you can buy like lights, light clothing, reflectors and horns as well. Every single one of those items is made for your safety. You need to at least wear a helmet and have some type of reflectors on your bike. You might also want to wear light colored clothing as well.


If you look at what happens when a car hits a biker it’s not good, most of the time the injuries are to the head and this is the main cause of the deaths. As I write this article a seventeen year old boy was just killed by being hit from behind while riding his bike, he wasn’t wearing a helmet. The best thing you can do riding a bike and preventing a head injury is to wear your helmet. Though you can not stop accidents you can still wear your helmet and protect what you can while riding. Some bike accidents aren’t even that bad but you should still always where your helmet.

At least bike helmets being made today are created to comfort your head and protect it as well as it can. Although they may look like they can break easily but they wouldn’t be being sold if that were the case. You should always check just to make sure that the helmet is certified to be a bike helmet. So be sure when you are buying one to pick the best and right one for you and your noggin.

The most important thing to think about when you are buying your bike helmet is to make sure you get the one that fits your head well. If you bought a helmet that slides and moves around your noggin then that’s what will happens in an accident and your head will be open to the ground. You need to have it just right on your head not to tight not to loose but you always want it more tight than loose so it wont slide and move.

In a lot of parts around the world today they have made it a legal law that you have to wear a bike helmet everywhere and anywhere you ride your bike. Even though you may not like to wear a helmet it may be the law and it will protect you in an accident and will save you from getting a ticket which if you are traveling you may not be able to afford at the time.

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