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Prohibit the sale of products containing any hazardous chemicals, more stringent requirements on the importers of refined. January 25 this year, the European Commission published a new directive on toy safety motion by adding new provisions for importers.

However, only after a lapse of six months, the European Parliament has recently published a report, the new directive seeks to amend the motion on the importer’s responsibility to make more stringent requirements. Regulations modify the start, the EU barriers to further upgrade the green toy.

The new EU directive on toys, a reading, there are three concerns should be alert to toy manufacturers:

first, to prohibit the use of all toys in the allergic substances, and any carcinogenic, mutagenic or harmful material of human fertility; banning the production and sale of certain types of inconsistent with other legislation (including the cosmetics directive and related instruction materials in contact with food) and toys.

Second, adding the mouth toys for children terms. Toy musical instruments and the dental chew toys, etc. must comply with the relevant Central European Union (1935/2004) Regulation of specific migration limits provided; As regular contact with the skin of toys, such as finger painting watercolor paint or create models of clay, you must meet the cosmetics ingredients and labeling instructions. It also prohibits the use of allergenic fragrances in toys.


Third, more stringent requirements of importers refinement, including the need to ensure that the manufacturer has qualified to take the assessment procedures; the importer shall be responsible for ensuring that toys with the instructions easy to understand terms, and safety information; importers have to sell on the toys samples, records of complaints, illegal toys and recycling events.

The EU is the traditional export market of Ningbo toys, accounting for over one third of total exports, quarantine statistics show that during the first half of 2008, Ningbo Port toy exports to the EU approved a total of 1272, the amount of 21.22 million U.S. dollars, covering types of wood toys, PU toys, electric toys, stuffed toys, plush toys, intelligence toys, baby carrier, remote control ship model, model and dozens of puzzles and other products.

Prior to the European Union as magnets and small parts such as toys, there are loopholes in laws and regulations promulgated specific regulations, this new directive is related to harmful chemicals for toy safety, delivered a strong signal that the EU will focus on strengthening such toys security market supervision.

Inspection and quarantine experts to ensure their products comply fully with the provisions of the new legislation it will be China’s toy exports are a major problem, the cost of the toy industry will face a substantial increase in competition from imports has decreased and the European Union’s compliance assessment procedures the dual challenge, and the impact of a wide range of laws and regulations, so that some toy manufacturers export risks increased sharply.

Inspection and quarantine department official pointed out that the fastest of the regulations before the end of this year is expected to agree about the new directive, time is pressing. But most enterprises should cultivate a strong sense of concern about the lack of instructions or regulations recognize a loss of some mistake. Inspection and quarantine authorities are warning that companies should take effective measures to make response:

First, improve the technical capabilities, enhance process improvement, adjustment of production patterns, in information collection, management, and related production processes such as multiple standard-setting efforts;

the second is regulations for in-depth interpretation and analysis, and understanding of EU rules and very few prohibited substances exempted material, the new directive for the control of production safety leak filled;

Third, the use of prohibited substances such as lead and mercury on a good replacement of exemption, in the toy doped with perfume allergies should be concerned, toys designed for children’s safety should be the fundamental principle, prohibited, dangerous toys and food combination of design; Finally, the exporter should be properly transferred from their positions, to open up new export markets, and actively Enhancing “Internal Strength” to get the initiative toy export market.

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