March 29, 2018 · Audio Visual System · (No comments)

byAlma Abell

West University custom home builders are just the people to build that smart home you have been dreaming about. Homes are becoming more digital everyday and you don’t have to sacrifice style to go smart. You can ask your home designer if it is possible to include these particular elements. Here are just a few that you can consider.Automation – By this we mean that you are able to control your TV, lighting, window shades, music and even heating using one remote control. If you think that’s cool, you can also do the same thing using your tablet or smartphone. You can turn on your sprinklers and even send messages to your appliances. All you need are switches and a wireless radio frequency to get all these programmed and going using a computer.

The walls you select for your home are critical because they will provide an envelope that will seal in your heat and cold air thus reducing your costs on energy for the life of your home. Your house needs to use framing techniques that are advanced and the joints should be the kind that seals in air. In addition the insulation used in the home needs to be highly effective and systems should be incorporated to manage moisture in the home.

A smart home built by West University custom home builders will include high tech systems that control the heating system. This system can learn from you by tracking your habits and then go ahead and make those changes automatically. The onus then is on the system to keep you comfortable while at the same time maximizing efficiency. Your appliances also come equipped with the same ability to study your lifestyle and make the necessary adjustments to make your home even more efficient.

If you like music a good consideration is audio for your whole house. You can have wireless speakers or wired ones depending on your preferences put in every room in your house. To make your house clutter free, consider having them place in your walls or even in the ceiling. If your designer has a package for digital construction it will work a lot better for you because you may find all these things inclusive. is the website to visit. Look at some of the homes we have built and contact us to discuss what you would like us to do for you.