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Submitted by: Kay Daniels

Last year the BBC reported that an outstanding 4.3 million tax payers were due to receive rebates from the tax office, mainly caused by tax errors from the HMRC. There have been several other statistics highlighting that there is a growing number of people who are due income tax refunds.

Unfortunately, however, the responsibility to ensure that the correct amount of tax is paid is not the Inland Revenue. What?! You mean they take tax and they are not responsible for taken the correct amount? The simple answer is they are not, neither is it necessarily the responsibility of your employers either. By Law, you and I as tax payers are responsible for ensuring we pay the correct amount of tax.

In circumstances where tax payers attempt to evade paying the tax is required, the tax payer could be facing prosecution, possibly ending up in fines or jail terms. The same weight of responsibility is not shared if the tax office has over taxed you. Would it not be bliss to charge fines for tax errors?


One of the common reasons for these errors is down to mistakes made by your employer. When you start a new job with a company, in many circumstances, workers are immediately placed on emergency tax codes. Employers adopt the shoot now and ask questions later mentality. The simple way to avoid the emergency tax is to ensure you chase up your previous employers for you P45. Hand it in to your new employers, which would help them put you on the correct tax code.

Another possible reason why you may be due a tax refund is particularly common with full time students. Students generally tend to work more during holidays and either go part time or quit work entirely when they resume. The temporary work schedule will often cause you to be placed on emergency tax and thereby becoming a potential candidate for an income tax refund.

On the other hand, individuals who have more than one job may sometimes pay more as a result of errors. In principle, two individuals with a gross income figure of 30k. One of which has one job and the other six jobs. Both individuals, in principle are to pay the exact same amount in taxes regardless of the number of jobs. In reality, HMRC would often times get the figure wrong. You can find out how to claim a tax refund here.

Human error, either by the tax payer or the tax office is another plausible reason why you may be due a tax refund. Sometimes changes in investment income, or employment status would affect the amount of tax paid. Some tax agents offer online tax refund applications where the users are able to fill in tax refund forms.

There also a variety of tax refund calculators or what some would call tax refund estimators. These are also helpful tools in establishing just how much overpaid tax or emergency tax you could be claiming back.

About the Author: Kay Daniels, one of the nation’s leading tax experts. Learn more about Kay Daniels and the services he provides like Emergency Tax and other Tax Refund related issues call us at: 01274953255 OR visit our website:




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Submitted by: Hi Accounts

GST accounting software ensures you to manage your businesses in Malaysia with ease in Accounting and GST aspects.

After the usage of GST assessment in Malaysia by the Malaysian government from April 2015, each business need to pay the Goods and Service Tax (GST) an impartial and complete arrangement of tax assessment that minimizes avoidance and guarantees a more extensive income stream. For the installment of GST, appropriate record keeping is vital for exact assessment revelations. Utilizing bookkeeping programming helps significantly as a part of record keeping. Consequently executing a best GST bookkeeping software Reach Accounting programming will help a business to track and keep up appropriate and precise money related data.

Components of Reach GST bookkeeping programming:

Reach GST bookkeeping programming guarantee the privilege to review your business viably with precision. In Reach GST bookkeeping programming you can deal with your bookkeeping and evaluating as well as every single important activity like:

With Reach Accounting software you can ready to call your clients.

Send individual or gathering messages to a rundown of leads, contacts or organizations.

Once you get leads from your site, you can play out the fundamental activity straightforwardly into our product.

You can ready to interface you’re existing application with Reach bookkeeping application with a basic API doc and bolster staff. Makes the information trade in with no reservations one.


Do your Tax solicitations and Credit notes quickly:

Assess receipt is a vital archive as for GST. On the off chance that receipt issued by the provider does not consent to the GST enactment, the purchaser won’t be qualified for ITC. When you charge GST, you have to issue an assessment receipt demonstrating the measure of GST and the cost of the provisions independently. The assessment receipt must be issued inside 21 days after the season of the supply. Reach GST programming permits you to make receipt and charge notes in a flash with the accompanying subtle elements:

1. The receipt serial number.

2. The date of issuance of the receipt.

3. The name/exchange name, address and GST distinguishing proof number of the provider.

4. The name and address of the beneficiary of the supply.

5. A portrayal of the merchandise as well as administrations provided.

6. The amount or volume of the merchandise and/or administrations provided

7. Type the markdown esteem if advertised.

8. The aggregate sum payable barring charge, the rate of assessment and the aggregate expense chargeable appeared as a different sum.

9. Terms of installment, client reference can be included.

10. You can choose any receipt format from 30 layouts which suits your business sort.

11. Currency trade note and update setting should be possible inside the product.

The receipt with all these essential subtle elements gives you the unmistakable reports for bookkeeping and for GST purposes.

Making and overseeing buy orders, costs, importation of products, separating exchanges from record bookkeeping is likewise basic in Reach GST bookkeeping programming.

Features of Reach GST accounting software:

Reach GST accounting software ensure the right to audit your business effectively with accuracy. In Reach GST accounting software you can not only manage your accounting and auditing but all relevant actions like:

With Reach GST accounting software you can able to call your customers.

Send individual or group emails to a list of leads, contacts or companies.

Once you receive leads from your website, you can perform the necessary action directly into our software.

You can able to connect your existing app with Reach accounting app with a simple API doc and support staff. Makes the data exchange all-in-one.

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Why This Article Will Help You Avoid Care Fees…


Colin Reid

Most home owners have a strong desire to pass their own home onto their family members or other loved ones…

Most home owners also realise that if they need Long Term Care in the future theres every chance their home will have to be sold or have a charge placed on it, to pay those care fees…

Unfortunately very few home owners are aware that they can follow just three simple steps to stop this happening…

Some home owners think if they simply give their house to their children this will overcome the problem. But, it doesnt…

Because doing that falls into whats known as Deliberate Deprivation of Assets and worse, could also mean you being forced to move out of your home by unreasonable family members

It is possible to arrange your circumstances so…

oYou protect your property and other assets so they cannot be used to fund care fees…

oYou continue to live in and keep control of your property throughout your lifetime whatever the future holds.


oYou can sell your property and move elsewhere whenever you want, so youre never restricted about where you want to live.

oYou avoid Probate Fees and delays so your dependants get more money quickly, at such a difficult time

oAssets held within this solution cannot be challenged by anyone so theres no misdirection of who benefits. What you want to happen is exactly what WILL happen

The principles used to achieve the above are proven, tried, tested and developed by expert professional specialists whove saved Tens of Thousands of Pounds for families across the UK.

What To Look For…

You need to find local experienced and qualified individuals who offer a Professional, Friendly, Expert and Highly Personalised Service.

You should ask to see Testimonials from existing clients and also ask what qualifications are held by the legal people who draw up the trust document.

Also ask what changes are needed to your existing Will and if theres an extra charge for doing this…

Then consider if the price quoted represents value for money compared to the savings and benefits youll obtain.

If You Want To Protect Your Home From Being Sold To Pay Long Term Care Fees…

Here are 8 Attributes To Look For When Deciding Who To Ask To Help You…

1.Is there a Free Evaluation Meeting so you can get Proven Advice without having to pay for it

2.Any open late days so you can visit after work for no extra charge.

3.Free visits to your place of business or home. It can sometimes be hard to get out of work so will they come to where it suits you best.

4.Will they take time to understand your needs because everyone has different circumstances

5.Will they make it very easy for you and help every step of the way

6.Will they not push you? Its your choice not theirs. Will they explain all the benefits and then let you make the right decision for you

7.Will they act without delay because you need that protection as soon as possible? Is there a Guarantee to have everything in place within a set timescale

8.Do they have a high level of experience and expertise meaning you have access to a unique solution – The Asset Protection Trust

The author of this article would suggest you always discuss this with your family and then make sure whoever you decide to ask to help you satisfies the 8 attributes above

Ray Simpson, Senior Partner, Universal Tax Strategies

To find out more about the Asset Protection Trust head over to our website at http://www.utsllp.co.uk

Ray Simpson, Senior Partner, Universal Tax StrategiesTo find out more about the Asset Protection Trust head over to our website at http://www.utsllp.co.uk

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Why This Article Will Help You Avoid Care Fees…}

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Kuhler Tax Credits – Top 5 Benefits of the (R&D) Tax Credit


jimsonTop 5 Benefits of the Research and Development (R&D) Tax CreditThe Research & Development Tax Credit was created by Congress in 1981 as part of the Economic Recovery Tax Act as a way to help companies in the United States stay competitive in the global marketplace. Surprisingly, only 1 out of 20 small to mid-sized companies take full advantage of the R&D Tax Credit due to misrepresentation of tax credit laws or lack of information. Let’s review why your company should be claiming the R&D Tax Credit:

Increases a Company’s Bottom Line


The R&D Tax Credit, if applicable to a company, will be able to reduce the company’s federal and state tax liabilities.Companies that are involved in R&D can expect 10-15% or more ROI for their qualifying business activities (wages, contractors, supplies). These credits are also considered an asset; they increase a company’s market value and strengthen them as an acquisition target.The money saved can be strategically invested into new R&D projects which will generate company growth and cash flow for future operations. This federal and state tax credit isa dollar-for-dollar offset against tax liabilities and can be carried forward for up to 20 years.

Motivates National Innovation

The R&D Tax Credit is available forany company that designs, develops or improves products, processes, techniques, inventions, formulations or software. Companies are rewarded for their improvements and the credits help generate higher paying positions and company profits, thus incentivizes better human capital. All these components produce consistent innovation which the US needs to remain competitive, which is ultimately why the IRS wants to give your company ROI.

IRS Broadened the R&D Definition

Recently, the IRS has broadened the definition of what encompasses research and development. QRA, qualified research activity, consists of any activity that falls within the IRS 4-Part Test. The IRS 4-Part Test requires: a new or improved business component (product, process or software), the business component to be technological in nature, elimination of uncertainty, and process of experimentation.

Numerous Industries Qualify for the Credit

Under recent regulations, more industries can now qualify for the R&D tax credit than ever before and the credit can be claimed for multiple open tax years. The following are examples of industries that qualify:

Engineering:Architecture, Defense Contracting, Engineering (All Disciplines), Telecommunications, and Aerospace.

Software:IT/Software Development, Startups, Website Advertising and Marketing, and Internet Applications.Manufacturing and Design:Apparel & Textiles, Brewing, Distillery, Winemaking, Consumer Food and Beverage, Foundry/Metals/Mining, Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, and Semiconductors.Environmental & Life Sciences:Agriculture/Farming, Life Sciences, Medical Devices, Pharmaceutical, Waste Management, and Recycling.

Maintains Companies Competitive in the Globalized Economy

Almost all states offer the R&D tax incentive to supplement the Federal Research & Development Tax Credit. Companies of any size can take advantage of the credit and claim upwards of $10 billion per year in R&D Tax Credits, making it one of the largest tax credits available. This tax incentive allows national companies to constantly produce innovative technology allowing the US to remain competitive in the globalized economy we currently live in. Recently, bipartisan legislation has been introduced to expand and intensify the incentive even more for future years and many believe they are close to making it permanent. Countries like the UK, Canada, and Brazil have incredible percentages and the US sees the need to mirror.

Almost all states offer the R&D tax incentive to supplement the Federal Research & Development Tax Credit. Companies of any size can take advantage of the credit and claim upwards of $10 billion per year in R&D Tax Credits

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