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If your company uses electric motors, you ATZ. Here are some ways you can get more for your money.


The Importance of Finding the Right RebuilderMany kinds of equipment have specific standards to follow when it comes to reconditioning or rebuilding. However, this is not the case with equipment like a Reliance DC Motor B508ATZ. In fact, there are no set standards so anyone can take a used motor, test it, clean it up, paint it, and sell it as “reconditioned” even though they did nothing to improve a secondhand motor.

When you shop for industrial motors, you should check out a reputable rebuilder. The price of a used Reliance DC Motor B508ATZ is expensive so you could waste valuable time and money if you think you are getting a good reconditioned motor. But how can you separate the good rebuilders from the pretenders? Here are some things to look for.

TestingThe best companies use a meggar test. This effectively measures the wiring insulation resistance. A poor test can indicate the motor might not have many hours left.

Make sure the rebuilder does a high potential test too. This is another way to ensure the wiring insulation is in good condition. Also called a “dielectric withstand test” or “hipot,” it checks to make sure no current flows from one insulated area to another.

The best companies do surge comparison testing and disassemble the motors. They check all components and replace bad parts. This gives you a motor you can depend on at an affordable price.

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